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During my recent visit to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), I was able to see with genuine pleasure how the Mayor of the city of Thuin, Mr Paul Furlan, kept the promise he had made to mark the opening of our new offices, to label the city as “Thuin, the World's Capital of Dogs”.

As a result of this initiative, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), with the aid of Thuin Tourist Office, organised a successful walk through historic medieval part of the city.

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Rafael de Santiago
President of the FCI
The Titles Department : the successful conclusion of the CACIB homologation process
Our interlocutors are the 91 FCI member-countries who, daily, send us titles requests (CIB-CIE-CIT- CIT(ec)–CIT(ft)-CIC-CIAG-CIOB-CIBT-CIBP-CITR), either by post or by email...
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Dog Day on June 7th
Great activities and events throughout Germany
It was all about dogs on 6–7 June – the weekend on which the Dog Day was celebrated in Germany. This time with the support of talk show presenter and dog ambassador, Bettina Böttinger...
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Cooperation with Scouts as a possibility to attract young people to cynology
Whenever hearing the word scout a lot of people relate it with youngsters, forest, fire and plenty of outside activities. Similar associations arise while thinking about young dog lovers.
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The FCI organises its first dog walk in Thuin, in collaboration with the Tourism Office: a huge success!
In the afternoon of 2 August, under an azure blue sky and an omnipresent sun, 81 walkers accompanied by some fifty dogs signed up to take part in the very first dog walk organised by the FCI and the Tourism Office of the City of Thuin.
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The etymology of the word “Schipperke”
If we want to gain a proper understanding of the origin of the word “Schipperke”, we need to start by immersing ourselves in the linguistic environment of the period. French had been chosen as the only official language when Belgium was created in 1830.
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Genesis of the FCI, Part 3/4
The definitive Congress in Paris, 22 May 1911. Count Bagneux, vice-president of the Société Centrale pour l’Amélioration des Races de Chiens en France, welcomes the Federation’s delegates from abroad. At the suggestion of Dr Kloppert, the Duke of Lesparre is nominated as the provisional president.
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